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An official record of student performance showing all schoolwork completed at a given school and the final mark or other evaluation received in each course.

Transfer of credit

The policies used to determine which educational experiences or courses taken by a student while attending another institution may be counted for credit at the current institution.

Transfer-in student

A student entering an institution for the first time but known to have previously attended a postsecondary institution at the same level (eg, undergraduate, graduate). The student may transfer with or without credit.

Transfer-out student

A student that leaves the reporting institution and enrolls at another institution.

Tuition and fees

The amount of tuition and required fees covering a full academic year most frequently charged to students. Tuition may be charged per term, per course, or per credit. Fees cover costs for such things as library access, laboratory supplies, computer access, and other student activities that are not included in the tuition.


Assistance for students to help them attain grade-level proficiency in basic skills and, as appropriate, learn more advanced skills. Can be individual or in groups.

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