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New York Health Careers

Style of Study

Many colleges and training programs now offer fully or partially online courses, which can be useful. Determining how and when you can fulfill your course requirements, whether online, in person, or with a blend of styles, is a personal choice that will be influenced by the profession you’ve decided to pursue.

Traditional Courses

These courses are taught at a college or university. Classes are held regularly either once per week or multiple times per week.

Online Courses

Online classes make going to school more flexible while working and taking care of your family. Be aware, however, that these online classes require a lot of self-study and are heavy in reading and projects. While you can study at your own pace, these classes are not for everyone.

Clinical Training

Some programs require a blend of in-class or online study, and clinical training. Programs that require clinical training are usually longer than in-class only programs. While some classes may be offered online, clinical training is almost always hands-on, which you may not have time to do while working.