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Can I Afford It?

For almost everyone, the cost of education is important. With your current income, how much can you spend on your education? How will that spending affect your everyday lifestyle and your family?

Selecting a School

When selecting a school, it is important to choose one whose tuition is within your financial means. Tuition is the cost of teaching or instruction by a school. Some schools will allow you to make monthly payments on your tuition, others require full payment upfront. Deposits and payment may be nonrefundable, or become less refundable over time, so be sure to read the tuition responsibility policies of your school carefully.

Publicly-funded schools’ (SUNY or CUNY) tuition generally cost less, but there are usually fewer scholarships and other types of financial aid available. Privately-funded schools (Non-Profit or Proprietary) cost more, and there is usually more financial aid available. Beware that any private institution needs to be accredited in order for their diplomas and/or certificates to be valid and credits to be transferable.

Additional Costs of Education

In addition to tuition, there are many costs to consider; below are some typical, as well as unexpected, expenses.